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Something interesting in maths today…

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On Monday we did some Maths investigation. Here are some of the things we noticed.

I thought Eliza’s thing was really amazing.

I saw Ceanna doing a good job making a pattern on the abacus.

I saw Isha thinking about what pattern she might do on the abacus.

I saw Molly thinking about numbers

My patterns went up and down – Eliza

I tried to think about how I could make shapes and numbers with the tangrams. I was thinking about what shapes to use. -Rosie

I was working on the whiteboards and doing number patterns, writing where the numbers go. _Erin

I was working on the scale to make sure the weights were balancing and not balancing. – Molly

I was sorting out the numbers and practising counting up to big numbers. Brandan

My pattern (on the abacus) had gaps in the middle. – Ceanna

I was making patterns on the abacus. – Isha

I was making sure that the shapes fitted together with the tangrams. – Natalia


Here are some of the things we were doing:


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  1. Lovely post and i like the creativity of kids definitely abacus classes would be a gr8 source of learning wail playing they will have a lot of fun with this activities thanx for sharing with us : )
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