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Olympic’s Day


Today Malmsbury Primary School held an Olympic Day.  Everyone in the school was asked to dress up in the colours of the Olympic rings – yellow, black, red, blue and green.  There were some people who had gotten really dressed up and looked fantastic!

We spent the whole morning playing lots of different Olympic sports, like gymnastics, archery, weight-lifting, synchronised swimming and equestrian.  Who would have thought that we could do synchronised swimming or equestrian events here at school? We don’t even have a pool or horses! Despite our apparent lack of equipment we were able to have a successful Olympic events day.  We have really learnt a lot about using our imaginations, co-operation and working as a team and how to use sports equipment creatively.

The time we spent playing sports this morning will all go towards our PM Olympic Challenge scores.  There are lots of kids in the school who are getting close to having enough points for a medal.

Brodie gets into the Olympic spirit and shows his support for the Italian team.

What was your favourite event of Malmsbury Primary School Olympics?


  1. I liked doing the horse riding because I like it.

  2. My favourite sport was basketball because I liked dribbling the ball.

  3. I liked when we did the dancing with Miranda. It was fun!

  4. I liked synchronised swimming!

  5. My favourite sport was making shapes with our bodies. This was gymnastics.

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