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Flat Stanley


Last term Grade Prep/One gathered in the Reading Corner with the grade 1/2’s to read Flat Stanley together.  The hero of the story is Stanley Lambchop, an ordinary boy who became flat after being squashed by a bulletin board!  Being flat has many advantages for Stanley, but the one we liked best was Stanley’s ability to travel far and wide…in an ordinary envelope!

We made our own Flat people that could travel out into the world.

Making our own Flat People on PhotoPeach

How did your Flat person become flat?


  1. I love this video and the muisc is really cool! The preps did a great job of decorating the Flat Stanley’s and I think they look really awesome.

  2. I love your Flat Stanley slidshow! I see that you have had lots of fun making and posting your Flat Stanley’s.
    The Flat Stanley song is so cool! It makes you want to dance!

  3. I love the Flat Stanley video it is really cool.Where are you planning to send them to next? Have you reieved many? I can’t wait to hear more stories about where the Flat Stanleys went. Do you like sending things to other countries?

  4. That was the best song I have ever heard! The prep’s are awesome!

  5. This is an awesome video. I love the music, its very cool and catchy. The preps made amazing flat stanleys, they look great. If I was flat, I would want to be folded up and posted to the beach. Where would you want to be posted?

  6. I love this slidshow and the music is great too. I tihnk all the prep’s did an awesome job decorating the Flat Stanley’s!

  7. Hi, I really liked your flat stanley photos! were there any flat people from China or Japan?

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