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comings and goings from the smaller end of the school

Flat Friends are having a great time!


Hello to all our travelling Flat Friends and your Hosts.

We hope you are having some fantastic adventures while you are out travelling the world – we love seeing what you have been doing. The Flat Friends visiting Malmsbury are certainly having fun. They have been enjoying visiting some of our homes – fishing, bush walking, shopping at the local Farmer’s Market, apparently one Flat Friend has even been spotted driving a tractor at a local farm! They have also enjoyed some interesting experiences while at school – they all took part in a Gypsy music workshop last week and heard some awesome Aboriginal stories today.

We are working on some photo stories showing what your Flat’s have been up to, they will start to appear on our blog (and the Grade 1/2 blog – follow the link from our home page) in the coming days. Please keep checking our blog to find out what your Flat Friend is doing and to meet our other Flat visitors. We have seven Flat Friends visiting at the moment and we are expecting some more soon.

The Flat People we sent out into the world seem to be having fun. We have heard from Flat Bill, a policeman who travelled to Taiwan and we will soon be looking at some photos of Flat Bluebell on her visit to Gowanda, New York.

You can see Flat Bill in Taiwan here: http://taiwanstanley.wordpress.com/class-4/#comments

What place or experience would you share with a visiting Flat Friend?

If you had to choose one souvenir for a Flat visitor to take home what would you choose?


  1. You guys seen to be having fun with the Flat people. Who has taken them home with them. I will have to read some of the Flat Stanly books because I don’t know anything about Flat Stanley or the adventures he’s had. I can’t wait to see some of the videos.


  2. I enjoyed waching your flat stanley video. I haven’t read Flat Stanley butI know he goes to different places. If I was a Flat Stanley I would want to go to New York. How long have you been reading Flat Stanley books?

  3. I would send Flat Nils home with a picture of some kangeroos like the ones that jump around in my backyard. Molly

  4. If I were to take home a Flat Stanley I would take Flat France.


  5. If I was to take home a Flat person I would take home Flat Diego.


  6. If I had to give a souvenir to a flat man I would give them a kangaroo.

  7. i would shoose flat Nils to take home.

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