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Malmsbury weather is as wild as a…


When the weather in Malmsbury turned cold and stormy rather abruptly last term the Prep-One All Stars decided to test their writing skills and write some weather similes.  There was a lot of discussion about how wet the rain might be and whether wind that is as wild as a tiger would be worse than wind as wild as a snake.  Here are our finished weather poems.

  Weather Simile Book



What was your favourite weather simile?

How would you describe the weather?


  1. Hello P/1, I really enjoyed reading your weather similes. You thought up lots of great words to describe the wind, the rain and the clouds. If I use similes to describe the weather today- Sunday- I would say the sky was as patchy as my old jeans and the sun as warm as my favourite blanket. Keep up the great learning P/1 and thanks for sharing your learning on your class blog.

  2. Wind as wild as two tigers fighting!

    I think the P/1 writers are inspiring, like a flash of lightning.

  3. Tiana and Lee-Anne agree that the rain is wet like a pond. We loved all the pictures nice work Prep/1.
    We think it’s as cold as and a bowl of ice-cream.

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