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Maths – Lego style


This term we have been using Lego and Duplo blocks in our maths sessions.

We worked out that one square block is equal to one. The rectangle blocks are equal to two.  Each group of four is equal to one.  We built things and had to  work out what number they showed.  This picture shows the number seven.

The blocks helped us practise our counting.  It was hard at first.  We were given a number and we had to show that number using our blocks.  We learnt that we can rearrange the blocks and still show the same number.  We can stack three square blocks to show 3, or we can put a square block on a rectangle block and show 3 that way.

Can you work out what number this model shows?

What other maths ideas could we use building blocks for?


  1. There are 12 and you could use the blocks for area and perimetre.

  2. Yes, you were right Dom. Good counting! What is area and perimeter?

  3. Hi Prep/1 students,

    I am so interested in the way you are representing numbers using Lego and Duplo! What constructive learning!

    I also counted 12.

    The ideas of area & perimeter remind me of a paddock. How much space does the grass take up in the middle? That’s called the area. Can you build a fence all around the outside? That’s called the perimeter.

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