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EJ12 or Zac Power…who is your favourite secret agent?


This week we are starting a new serial story.  We are choosing between two spy stories that lots of kids in our grade enjoy.  The two choices are ‘Zac Power: Undercover’ and ‘EJ12: In the dark…’.  We have read the first chapter of each book – now it is time to vote!

Which book do you think we should read first?

Why do you think so?


  1. Neighhhh! I think you should read EJ12 first, because I am a little nervous about all the gadgets in the first chapter of Zac Power.

  2. I think we should choose EJ12 because I haven’t read it before and the Chapter you read to us sounds Awesome!

  3. I think we should read EJ12 first because I feel scared about the gadgets.

  4. I think EJ12 because I have been reading it.

  5. We think you should read EJ12 first because the first chapter was really awesome!!!

  6. We think ‘Zak Power’ should be the class serial.

  7. We think EJ12 because it sounds really cool. Jaxen liked the first chapter because it was cool when she was in her bed in the dark and she went outside and was scared, she heard a big bang. Erin thinks you should read EJ12. She hasn’t read any of the books but when Jaxen told her about what happened in each book she liked the sound of EJ12 better then Zac Power.

  8. I think we should read EJ12.

  9. I think we should read EJ12.

  10. I like EJ12 and it is great and funny.

  11. I want to vote for EJ12 because I love it!!

  12. I think we should read Zac Power because Zac Power is my favourite story.

  13. I liked Zac Power Undercover. I liked the part when Zac Power skidded on the ground and used gadgets on bad people.


  14. We think Zac Power because it sounds interesting.

  15. Thankyou for voting on our story. EJ12 won the vote! Sorry that Zac Power didn’t win, we will read that after we finish EJ12.

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