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Our first 5 sentence challenge.


P/1 recently signed up to be part of the 5 sentence challenge. https://fivesc.net/

Every couple of weeks we are emailed information about a writing prompt and our challenge is to write five sentences about the prompt. Our prompt was a very interesting image of a pet shop. There was lots to look at. Some of us finished our sentences in time to send them in. Here are the finished sentences-

The dogs are in a basket. There are two cats the same. The girl is looking at the bird. The dogs are licking the girl. The dog is licking the boy. By  Anna.

In the pet shop it must be loud. The cats are cute. The dogs are soft. There are a lot of cages. There is a Border Collie. By Jack.

At the pet shop you buy pets. You can get dogs, parrots, cats and a cockatoo. People come to the pet shop. You could find a pet. The animals are scared. By Flynn.

There are 8 dogs. There are birds. There is 1 rabbit. There is a bird cage. There are fish in the fish bowl. By Hasan.

I can see a cat. I can see a dog licking a person. There is a man. I can see a woman. I can see a puppy. By Jayden.

Hi, I am Isabella. If you go to the pet shop you won’t believe your eyes. There are so many cute animals. There are lots and lots and lots of cages. If you haven’t gone to the pet shop store you should. By Grade 1 Isabella.

The dogs are cute and they are in a basket. There are a lot of people. There must be so much noise. The parrot is pretty. There are a lot of pets. By Chloe.

The dogs are in a basket. The girls is holding two kittens. The cats are the same colour. The lady is holding a dog. There is a bird. By Maggie.

We hope you enjoy reading them and we love reading your comments!




  1. Your 5 sentences have made the picture come alive. What excellent writing everyone!

  2. Really enjoyed reading everyone’s 5 sentences I felt like I was in the pet shop excellent work p/1

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