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Fireworks! Our second five sentence challenge.

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For our second five sentence challenge we had to think about what it is like to watch fireworks. What do we hear, smell and see and what does it feel like when you hear the bangs! We hope you enjoy our sentences.

I feel excited. There are people watching. It is bright. I like them. I smell nothing. This is about the fireworks. By Maggie.

The fireworks are pretty. There are four people watching. The fireworks are different colours. My brother is scared of the fireworks. The fireworks might be in Australia. By Chloe.

Hi I am Isabella and if you have been to the fireworks you might be a little scared. I like them, do you? Well, I do get a little scared. But if you haven’t I think you would like to. I like fireworks. By Grade 1 Isabella.

The people are watching the fireworks. There are red dots,  orange dots, there are white dots. There are three girls. Boom! Crack! Bang! Piyool! The girls hear boom, crack, bang and piyool. By Anna.

Boom! I hear a boom! Doom! I hear a doom! I hear a crack! By Gabriel.

I went to the fireworks. I heard the fireworks up in the sky. I saw the fireworks. I see lots of colours. Bang!! Isabella.

At the fireworks you have fun. It is a fun place to be at night. You have to go at night. Fireworks are sparkley. They are all different shapes. By Flynn.

Jayden is scared of the fireworks. I am not. They look cool. They are fun. But they are way better with monster trucks! By Jack.

At the fireworks it’s cold. It is fun. I want to go there. It has different colours. People love them. By Jayden.

Do you like fireworks? Tell us what you think of our writing and fireworks by leaving us a comment.

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  1. Oh wow, some really deep thinking in that work. Awesome work team MPS

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