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May 13, 2017
by malmsburyps

5 Sentence Challenge 2017!

We began our 2017 Prep/One 5 Sentence Challenge this Week!

cooking with grandma

Students had to think about the kinds of things they saw in the picture, what time of the year it was, what day of the week, who are the children, who do the animals belong to and what else they can see beyond the door.


Isabella – There is a Grandma. She is cooking. The Grandma was going outside. The girl is making cookies. The boys wants some cookies.

Djed – I see that the lady is cooking. The door is open. The dogs are ready to play. The boy is reading a book. There are roses outside.

Matilda – It is spring and the dogs are nearly ready to go and play. The kids are having breakfast. The girl is baking cookies. The boy is reading a book. The door is open because it’s sunny.

Bryce – There are lots of dogs. I see a woman.

Jesse – The dog has puppies. The door is open. The girl is cooking. The boy is reading a book.

Timmy – A boy the helping his Grandma bake cookies. The girl is helping his Grandma bake cookies. I see an old house in the backyard.

Jennifer – It is summer time. The animals are ready to play.

Keira – A little girl is helping the Grandma bake cookies. The little boy is baking cookies. The boy is sitting at the table. I can see a cute puppy. I see a cat.

Lea – I see little children. I see 5 dogs. The lady is cooking cookies. I can see flowers.

Asher – A lady is holding a tray of cookies. There are lots of animals. I see another house.

Jake – It was a sunny day. The chickens came to soak up the sunlight. The dogs sit waiting for their food. There is green grass outside. I see flowers.

Ava – It’s super sunny outside. The girl and boy are cooking with their Grandma.

Lucy – I see the dog. The kids are helping their mother. I see chickens. I see a cat. I see a house.

Elena – I see little children. I see 5 dogs. I see a barn. I see a cat.

Hayley – It is summer. I like summer. It is so fun. I like summer because it is so fun. I like the animals. I see the flowers.

November 24, 2016
by malmsburyps
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Fireworks! Our second five sentence challenge.

Image result for common creative images fireworks

For our second five sentence challenge we had to think about what it is like to watch fireworks. What do we hear, smell and see and what does it feel like when you hear the bangs! We hope you enjoy our sentences.

I feel excited. There are people watching. It is bright. I like them. I smell nothing. This is about the fireworks. By Maggie.

The fireworks are pretty. There are four people watching. The fireworks are different colours. My brother is scared of the fireworks. The fireworks might be in Australia. By Chloe.

Hi I am Isabella and if you have been to the fireworks you might be a little scared. I like them, do you? Well, I do get a little scared. But if you haven’t I think you would like to. I like fireworks. By Grade 1 Isabella.

The people are watching the fireworks. There are red dots,  orange dots, there are white dots. There are three girls. Boom! Crack! Bang! Piyool! The girls hear boom, crack, bang and piyool. By Anna.

Boom! I hear a boom! Doom! I hear a doom! I hear a crack! By Gabriel.

I went to the fireworks. I heard the fireworks up in the sky. I saw the fireworks. I see lots of colours. Bang!! Isabella.

At the fireworks you have fun. It is a fun place to be at night. You have to go at night. Fireworks are sparkley. They are all different shapes. By Flynn.

Jayden is scared of the fireworks. I am not. They look cool. They are fun. But they are way better with monster trucks! By Jack.

At the fireworks it’s cold. It is fun. I want to go there. It has different colours. People love them. By Jayden.

Do you like fireworks? Tell us what you think of our writing and fireworks by leaving us a comment.

November 14, 2016
by malmsburyps

Our first 5 sentence challenge.

P/1 recently signed up to be part of the 5 sentence challenge. https://fivesc.net/

Every couple of weeks we are emailed information about a writing prompt and our challenge is to write five sentences about the prompt. Our prompt was a very interesting image of a pet shop. There was lots to look at. Some of us finished our sentences in time to send them in. Here are the finished sentences-

The dogs are in a basket. There are two cats the same. The girl is looking at the bird. The dogs are licking the girl. The dog is licking the boy. By  Anna.

In the pet shop it must be loud. The cats are cute. The dogs are soft. There are a lot of cages. There is a Border Collie. By Jack.

At the pet shop you buy pets. You can get dogs, parrots, cats and a cockatoo. People come to the pet shop. You could find a pet. The animals are scared. By Flynn.

There are 8 dogs. There are birds. There is 1 rabbit. There is a bird cage. There are fish in the fish bowl. By Hasan.

I can see a cat. I can see a dog licking a person. There is a man. I can see a woman. I can see a puppy. By Jayden.

Hi, I am Isabella. If you go to the pet shop you won’t believe your eyes. There are so many cute animals. There are lots and lots and lots of cages. If you haven’t gone to the pet shop store you should. By Grade 1 Isabella.

The dogs are cute and they are in a basket. There are a lot of people. There must be so much noise. The parrot is pretty. There are a lot of pets. By Chloe.

The dogs are in a basket. The girls is holding two kittens. The cats are the same colour. The lady is holding a dog. There is a bird. By Maggie.

We hope you enjoy reading them and we love reading your comments!



September 16, 2016
by malmsburyps

Prep sleepover!

End of Term 3 always means a very special event for our preps- Prep Sleepover!!! The prep sleepover is the start of our camps program. Our preps go home at the end of the day for a shower and to change their clothes then come back to school ready for the sleepover.

Last night we set up our beds.








Then we did a scavenger hunt. We had to find things in the classrooms and tick them off the list. One thing we had to find was something with wheels and we also had to sing Emily a song!

20160915_182334 20160915_182857 20160915_182917







Then it was dinner time! Sausages, bread, cheese, sauce- lots of sauce for some people! Paddle pops for dessert. Yummo! Best dinner ever!











The we had some secret prep sleepover business to deal with- sorry, no photos of that allowed! Then it was into our pyjamas, we brushed our teeth and hopped in to bed. We watched the movie ‘Minions’ when we were snuggled up in our beds. It was very funny. Then it was sleep time. We all had a good sleep, well, actually, not all the adults had a good sleep!

This morning we had a most delicious breakfast (Thanks Kirsty for the pancakes and fruit) and some visitors came along to have breakfast with us.

20160916_074350 20160916_074441 20160916_074447 20160916_074512 20160916_074524 20160916_080019 20160916_08002820160916_080043














After breakfast we brushed our teeth and Conor took us to the soccer pitch and we played Octopus. Thanks Conor, you are the best!

Prep sleepover- best night ever! Thanks Emily, Carolyn, Desiree and all the parents who helped us have a great sleepover.




July 19, 2012
by malmsburyps

The Double Fun

This week in Maths we have been doubling. We have been working out what doubling means. We have been thinking what doubling is and it is where you have two things that are the same, but they don’t have to be the same colour.  When you double ,it makes the number bigger. We did doubling with blocks and we were doubling into groups.

Some doubles that can work out are: 5 + 5 = 10   4 + 4 = 8   8 + 8 = 16    2 + 2 = 4   6 + 6 = 12   1 + 1 =  2   3 + 3 = 6   7 + 7 = 14

We are trying to work out what 9 + 9 equals.

We feel happy about doubles because it is good fun and we get to do lots of fun stuff with doubles. – Brandan

I am happy about doubles – Eliza and Natalie and Rosie

We can do different stuff when we double – Erin and Ceanna

I had fun when I did doubling – Molly.

I am bored of doubles – Harrison

I liked doubles becasue it was so fun – Jordan

I liked doubles because it is lots of fun – Blake

Maths is really, really, really fun. – Ella

I like doing maths – Isha.

Doubles are awesome! – Noah

You can spell words with double letters. – Zac


June 20, 2012
by malmsburyps

Our visit to Pemberley – Eliza’s farm


On Friday the 1st June, all of Grade P/1 and Grade 1/2 visited Eliza’s family’s   farm.  It was a great day and everyone had a great time.  Here are some      thoughts about the day from Grade P/1.

There was a dog called Zippy.

We had some Milo.

We went in the sheep shed where the sheep go in. The sheep go around and    do what they are meant to do and get what they get. This is where they get a    shaving. It is also called a shearing shed.

They have some bulls. They keep the bulls in a paddock with electric fences.
We made damper. I liked the the damper, said Ella. I liked the damper, said Jordan.
We got to go in the tractor.   We got to have some food.

We saw cows and their babies. The babies are called calves.
We saw some sheep. We chased the sheep down the hill.
We found lots of bones and put them in a bone pile. Harrison had a teeth bone.

May 23, 2012
by malmsburyps

What’s the main idea?

MAIN IDEA – the most important idea or piece of information in a text.

We had to choose two words to that would explain the main idea of our weekend.  Here is what we came up with…

Jordan – Melbourne, Dad’s

Harry – Kyneton, Mum

Rosie – Monty, fun

Erin – sick, home

Siobhan – Melbourne, friends

Mia – Melbourne, shop

Ella – home, Taylor

Brodie – Bendigo, movies

Noah – home, fun

Brandan – fed fish

Rainer – work, Mum

Blake – motorbike, Soxy

Natalie – butterfly, Fairy Park

Harrison – yabbies, Dad

Ceanna – church, lunch

Isha – sister, fun

Zac – hospital, hand

Molly – Nanny’s, fun

Eliza – yabbying, Daddy

May 3, 2012
by malmsburyps

Making ANZAC biscuits

Today we made ANZAC biscuits.
We made them with partners from Grade 3/4. It had to be a big person with a Grade Prep or Grade 1.
We had to put flour in a bowl. We had to put oats in. We had to put melted butter in. We put bicarbonate of soda in, which is a little like salt.
We had to mix it.
The ANZAC biscuits are round. Some are skinny and some are fat.
They were yummy and they smell delicious.
We had fun.
Eating them is more fun.
It was fun becasue it was fun cooking.

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