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June 23, 2013
by malmsburyps

A reflection of our week – 17 June 2013

It has been a very busy week in the Prep-One room.  Here are some reflections on our week…

In our writing we have been planning a story book.  This makes some of us feel happy because we like writing.  Some of us are excited to make a book because now we now know how to tell a story we can tell lots more.

We finished our heart maps, which most of us really enjoyed making.   They show what we love.  We are going to put these on the Great Wall of Awesome and use them to get ideas for our writing.

Molly, Rosie and Natalie have been selling rocks this week.  Some people put on funny shows to get more people to buy rocks.  All the money goes to the Parent’s Club and the guide Dogs.  They raised a huge $44!

In Art we have been painting without paintbrushes.  We have been using palette knives, pipettes and drinking straws and things from nature.  It has been fun and exciting because we didn’t know we could paint without paintbrushes.  Most of us love painting with a palette knife.  We feel very creative.

In French we have been talking about to say ‘hello’ goodbye’ and ‘how are you feeling?’ in French.  We are also learning how to introduce ourselves and where we live.  French makes us excited because it is really fun.

Almost all the All-Stars really enjoyed this week.

What did you enjoy most this week at school?

Tell us one thing you are really proud of achieving this week.

That big bluestone building will have a great texture. I just wish I could reach higher.

April 21, 2013
by malmsburyps
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Anyone feeling creative? Part 1

The Prep One All-Stars have been getting very creative lately.  Last week they learnt how to use a Surrealist art technique called ‘frottage’, which means ‘to rub’ in French.  The All-Stars were madly hunting for interesting textures and surfaces around the school – they then placed pieces of paper over them and rubbed over them with crayon.  The results were really cool.

The All-Stars have also been looking at how illustrators use different techniques in their pictures.  We learnt how to recognise water-colour illustrations and have noticed that Pamela Allen uses it in lots of her illustrations.

Which texture gave you the best result?

What can you do with your collection of textures now?

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