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comings and goings from the smaller end of the school

September 16, 2016
by malmsburyps

Prep sleepover!

End of Term 3 always means a very special event for our preps- Prep Sleepover!!! The prep sleepover is the start of our camps program. Our preps go home at the end of the day for a shower and to change their clothes then come back to school ready for the sleepover.

Last night we set up our beds.








Then we did a scavenger hunt. We had to find things in the classrooms and tick them off the list. One thing we had to find was something with wheels and we also had to sing Emily a song!

20160915_182334 20160915_182857 20160915_182917







Then it was dinner time! Sausages, bread, cheese, sauce- lots of sauce for some people! Paddle pops for dessert. Yummo! Best dinner ever!











The we had some secret prep sleepover business to deal with- sorry, no photos of that allowed! Then it was into our pyjamas, we brushed our teeth and hopped in to bed. We watched the movie ‘Minions’ when we were snuggled up in our beds. It was very funny. Then it was sleep time. We all had a good sleep, well, actually, not all the adults had a good sleep!

This morning we had a most delicious breakfast (Thanks Kirsty for the pancakes and fruit) and some visitors came along to have breakfast with us.

20160916_074350 20160916_074441 20160916_074447 20160916_074512 20160916_074524 20160916_080019 20160916_08002820160916_080043














After breakfast we brushed our teeth and Conor took us to the soccer pitch and we played Octopus. Thanks Conor, you are the best!

Prep sleepover- best night ever! Thanks Emily, Carolyn, Desiree and all the parents who helped us have a great sleepover.




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