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March 13, 2013
by malmsburyps
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All-Stars 2013!

New Preps enjoying the play equipment.

Welcome to another fantastic year with the Grade Prep/One All-Stars!

We have had a great beginning to our school year and everyone has been very busy learning how to work together.  The Preps have been working hard to settle in to school and are all confident in the classroom and the playground.  Meanwhile, the Grade Ones are taking their responsibility as role models very seriously and are helping the Preps understand all the important things about school – how to pack up the classroom, how the Ladder works, where to hide  your Lego cars for another day’s play and of course the best games to play in the playground!

Last week the Preps had their first full week of school – it was a bit tiring for everyone!  The Grade Ones also had a big week, they had a very exciting time on the Grade 1/2 Camp to Discovery Centre.  Thanks to Carolyn and Madame Sam for their fantastic effort on Camp.

What have you enjoyed most about starting Grade Prep OR Grade One this year?

What are you most looking forward to this year?

October 16, 2012
by malmsburyps

French Day Fun!!!

On Thursday the 19th September our whole school had a special French Day.  Everyone was encouraged to dress up in French-themed clothes, there was a lot of rouge, blanc et bleu!  We did lots of different French activities and we all had a great morning.  Here is what the Grade Prep/Ones had to stay about French Day:

Today was French Day. I liked that when you had to make your own badge wit hthe red, while and blue.

We got to wear French colours.  Some people are wearing blue, red and white.

Some people won prizes. The prizes were for best puppets.  The prize was a French ribbon and a chocolate frog.

We made puppets. Some people did shows with their puppets in the assembly area.  We used the new puppet theatre. It has blue and red curtains and it is painted red and blue. It has got the French colours on it.

Some people got to do performances with the puppet theatre.

At assembly each house group walked around in a circle showing off their French colours.

We made little bags with pepper and herbs. These are called bouquet garni.

We liked French Day because we got to do French and Performing Arts at the same time.

French was very good and we did lots of things. We watched a movie.   We had special Fench pancakes called crepes.

We played petanque. How you play is someone throws a snitch and other people have to throw these other big metal balls. Whoever gets closest to the snitch gets to throw the snitch for the next game.

French was really fun because we got to make our own puppets.

We love French Day!!

Thankyou Madame Sam, we had a great time!


October 7, 2012
by malmsburyps

Ben’s adventures

During Term Three we have enjoyed taking all our Bear Buddies home.  Ben had a great time when he visited Mia.  He got to meet Mia’s cousin, who is also called Ben.  I bet they had a lot of things to talk about.  He also had a big sleep in Mia’s bed.  He looks very comfortable under Mia’s fluffy doona.

October 7, 2012
by malmsburyps

Is that Boo out and about again?

Well, Boo the Bear certainly gets out and about.  When he visited Brodie he had lots of new experiences. He rode a motorbike and hung out with some chickens.  It is quite amazing the things he gets up to.


Which part of his visit to Brodie to you think Boo enjoyed the most?

What do you think Boo might have talked to the chickens about?

September 6, 2012
by malmsburyps

The Brain

This week we have been learning about the Nervous System.  We watched a movie on kidshealth.org and were amazed at how important the brain is.  Watch the movie here: http://kidshealth.org/PageManager.jsp?lic=1&article_set=59295&cat_id=20607


Here are some of our thoughts and understandings about The Brain.

The brain helps you move. It helps you play different types of games. It helps us think. It helps us learn writing. It helps you remember stuff.  It helps you write. It helps you breathe. It helps you move in all sorts o ways.  It helps you talk.  It helps you read.  It helps you with your problems. The nervous system tells us things are cold or hot. It gets messages from our five senses. The messages go up to our brain along the spinal cord.

The nervous system is made of the brain and the spinal cord.  When we get a cut a message goes to our brain.

There are 100 billion nerve cells in the nervous system.

Do you know how messages travel from our brain to different parts of the body?

July 26, 2012
by malmsburyps
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Something interesting in maths today…

On Monday we did some Maths investigation. Here are some of the things we noticed.

I thought Eliza’s thing was really amazing.

I saw Ceanna doing a good job making a pattern on the abacus.

I saw Isha thinking about what pattern she might do on the abacus.

I saw Molly thinking about numbers

My patterns went up and down – Eliza

I tried to think about how I could make shapes and numbers with the tangrams. I was thinking about what shapes to use. -Rosie

I was working on the whiteboards and doing number patterns, writing where the numbers go. _Erin

I was working on the scale to make sure the weights were balancing and not balancing. – Molly

I was sorting out the numbers and practising counting up to big numbers. Brandan

My pattern (on the abacus) had gaps in the middle. – Ceanna

I was making patterns on the abacus. – Isha

I was making sure that the shapes fitted together with the tangrams. – Natalia


Here are some of the things we were doing:


July 19, 2012
by malmsburyps

The Double Fun

This week in Maths we have been doubling. We have been working out what doubling means. We have been thinking what doubling is and it is where you have two things that are the same, but they don’t have to be the same colour.  When you double ,it makes the number bigger. We did doubling with blocks and we were doubling into groups.

Some doubles that can work out are: 5 + 5 = 10   4 + 4 = 8   8 + 8 = 16    2 + 2 = 4   6 + 6 = 12   1 + 1 =  2   3 + 3 = 6   7 + 7 = 14

We are trying to work out what 9 + 9 equals.

We feel happy about doubles because it is good fun and we get to do lots of fun stuff with doubles. – Brandan

I am happy about doubles – Eliza and Natalie and Rosie

We can do different stuff when we double – Erin and Ceanna

I had fun when I did doubling – Molly.

I am bored of doubles – Harrison

I liked doubles becasue it was so fun – Jordan

I liked doubles because it is lots of fun – Blake

Maths is really, really, really fun. – Ella

I like doing maths – Isha.

Doubles are awesome! – Noah

You can spell words with double letters. – Zac


June 20, 2012
by malmsburyps

Our visit to Pemberley – Eliza’s farm


On Friday the 1st June, all of Grade P/1 and Grade 1/2 visited Eliza’s family’s   farm.  It was a great day and everyone had a great time.  Here are some      thoughts about the day from Grade P/1.

There was a dog called Zippy.

We had some Milo.

We went in the sheep shed where the sheep go in. The sheep go around and    do what they are meant to do and get what they get. This is where they get a    shaving. It is also called a shearing shed.

They have some bulls. They keep the bulls in a paddock with electric fences.
We made damper. I liked the the damper, said Ella. I liked the damper, said Jordan.
We got to go in the tractor.   We got to have some food.

We saw cows and their babies. The babies are called calves.
We saw some sheep. We chased the sheep down the hill.
We found lots of bones and put them in a bone pile. Harrison had a teeth bone.

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