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August 3, 2012
by malmsburyps

Quand est Harry retourez?

When is Harry back?  This question has been asked a lot in our class recently, as we are all looking forward to Harry getting back from his family holiday.

Late last term Harry went to Europe with his family.  We have missed him in the Grade Prep/One room, but we have enjoyed getting postcards through the mail.  Harry has written to us about his adventures in Croatia and France and it sounds like he has been having a great time.

What will you ask Harry about his holiday?

June 20, 2012
by malmsburyps

Our visit to Pemberley – Eliza’s farm


On Friday the 1st June, all of Grade P/1 and Grade 1/2 visited Eliza’s family’s   farm.  It was a great day and everyone had a great time.  Here are some      thoughts about the day from Grade P/1.

There was a dog called Zippy.

We had some Milo.

We went in the sheep shed where the sheep go in. The sheep go around and    do what they are meant to do and get what they get. This is where they get a    shaving. It is also called a shearing shed.

They have some bulls. They keep the bulls in a paddock with electric fences.
We made damper. I liked the the damper, said Ella. I liked the damper, said Jordan.
We got to go in the tractor.   We got to have some food.

We saw cows and their babies. The babies are called calves.
We saw some sheep. We chased the sheep down the hill.
We found lots of bones and put them in a bone pile. Harrison had a teeth bone.

June 6, 2012
by malmsburyps

The Transit of Venus

Today something very special is happening in the sky – it is the Transit of Venus. We had two special visitors come to talk to us about it – Allan and Barbara Timcke.

Here is what we thought about the Transit of Venus BEFORE Allan and Barbara visited.


What does the ‘Transit of Venus’ mean?

Venus is coming near the Sun, touching the Sun.

Tells us it is a plant, like a Venus Fly trap.

It means that Venus comes around the Sun.

Every 700 years you get to see Venus travel around the Sun and today we get to see Venus move around the Sun. 

Venus is a planet. The planet is smaller than the Sun. 

What might I see?

We might see Mars.

We could see a dot in the sky.

We might see the Sun.

Might see the whole planet.

We might see inside the Sun.

We might see the flames on the Sun.

We might see the planet…Venus.

We might see a thing that is cold, a planet that is cold.

We might see stars through a telescope.

We might see something inside the Sun, like a pip.

How can we watch it?

We are going to watch it through a telescope.

We might need a special piece of glass to see Venus.

We might have to look through a glass like on the end of a telescope.

We can’t look at the Sun because we might get blind looking at it.

May 3, 2012
by malmsburyps

Making ANZAC biscuits

Today we made ANZAC biscuits.
We made them with partners from Grade 3/4. It had to be a big person with a Grade Prep or Grade 1.
We had to put flour in a bowl. We had to put oats in. We had to put melted butter in. We put bicarbonate of soda in, which is a little like salt.
We had to mix it.
The ANZAC biscuits are round. Some are skinny and some are fat.
They were yummy and they smell delicious.
We had fun.
Eating them is more fun.
It was fun becasue it was fun cooking.

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