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June 15, 2012
by malmsburyps

The Transit of Venus – Part 2

Allan and Barbara Timcke talked to us about the planet and it being smaller than the sun. Venus is smaller than the sun. Rosie’s grandpa was writing about Venus.

Some people were rushing to have a look in the special telescope. It was called a solar scope. But we couldn’t have a look because it was really cloudy.
We went outside and we stood around the table, waiting for the sun to come out. We had some pieces of string and we pretended they were planets. There was a little ball for each planet. The strings were not the same length, some were short and some were long.

The Transit of Venus

We yelled at the sun to come out!! When we came inside we looked at it on the internet.

What we had hoped we would see


Daddy showed me on the phone and Venus went from the black to the side of the sun.

June 6, 2012
by malmsburyps

The Transit of Venus

Today something very special is happening in the sky – it is the Transit of Venus. We had two special visitors come to talk to us about it – Allan and Barbara Timcke.

Here is what we thought about the Transit of Venus BEFORE Allan and Barbara visited.


What does the ‘Transit of Venus’ mean?

Venus is coming near the Sun, touching the Sun.

Tells us it is a plant, like a Venus Fly trap.

It means that Venus comes around the Sun.

Every 700 years you get to see Venus travel around the Sun and today we get to see Venus move around the Sun. 

Venus is a planet. The planet is smaller than the Sun. 

What might I see?

We might see Mars.

We could see a dot in the sky.

We might see the Sun.

Might see the whole planet.

We might see inside the Sun.

We might see the flames on the Sun.

We might see the planet…Venus.

We might see a thing that is cold, a planet that is cold.

We might see stars through a telescope.

We might see something inside the Sun, like a pip.

How can we watch it?

We are going to watch it through a telescope.

We might need a special piece of glass to see Venus.

We might have to look through a glass like on the end of a telescope.

We can’t look at the Sun because we might get blind looking at it.

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